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Shenzhen long intelligent technology co., LTD., China has the fingerprint lock independent research and development strength, has a large automatic production line of modern high-tech entity enterprise.
      Long intelligent technology co., LTD. Headquarters in shenzhen. Production base has six years of intelligent lock production history, its millions of smart locks are widely used in China's financial, military industry, villas and high-end apartments users, products with excellent quality and stability, won the trust of users.
      The company has dozens of patents and copyright, make its technical level in the advanced level. Long intelligent science and technology at the beginning of establishment, adhere to brand, market strategy as the guide, create represented by fingerprint lock smart lock brand, to provide users with advanced high-tech product, determined to create a safe and comfortable for the consumer quality living space. Long intelligence technology in the joint efforts of staff and partners and under the care, established a good reputation in the consumer heart, is increasingly becoming intelligent lock industry brand.




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